RobertMundy Jane-CollinsIntroduction

Robert Mundy and Jane Collins



Andrea-WalingDeconstructing the Super(hero)villain: Megamind and Cinematic Representations of Masculinity

Andrea Waling



RobertMundyPaul-ZiekWhere We (Don’t) Belong: “Chasing” Kevin Smith’s Male Narratives of Space and Place

Robert Mundy and Paul Ziek



Photo_Tatiana-ProrokovaFemale Masculinity: Revenge and Violence in Tarantino’s Kill Bill Vol.1 and Vol.2

Tatiana Prorokova



Markus_Spohrer-photoHomophobia and Violence in Film Noir: Homosexuality as a Threat to Masculinity in John Huston’s The Maltese Falcon

Markus Spöhrer



Owen-HortonOrigin Stories: Rebooting Masculinity in Superhero Films After 9/11

Owen R. Horton



 TamasWith Regard to Masculinity: On Hitchcock’s Rear Window

Tamás Tukacs



Andrew-DillonForging the Boy

Andrew P. Dillon



Allen-Braden-photoInstructions on Being a Sea Creature

Allen Braden



Allen-Braden-photoCoastal Note

Allen Braden



Shawn-Bodden-photoBorders of the body

Shawn Bodden 



Allison-Blevins-photoFemme Poem #2

Allison Blevins



Jack-Little-PictureMammy’s Boy

Jack Little



 gailNYC Sidewalk Preacher

Gail Braune Comorat